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LAC NanoTech is a part of the LAC Group, which has been dealing with the production of special customised technologies for many industries for almost 30 years. The company employs more than 230 employees and its turnover amounts to more than EUR 12 million. The owners and engineers of the company have also invested their experience in the development of technology for the production of colloidal silver. The professional, material, technical and expert background of LAC, s.r.o., is a guarantee of the high-quality services of highly specialised LAC NanoTech s.r.o. 

We have been operating in the field of nanotechnology for more than 15 and cooperate with leading Czech European as well as worldwide universities and scientific centres on joint projects announced in both the Czech Republic and European Union. We also launched on the market, for example, colloidal silver and colloidal gold on the basis of experience obtained in this way. We are able to prepare customized colloidal silver as well as colloidal gold in any concentration and quantity. 


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LAC NanoTech s.r.o.   LAC, s.r.o.
Topolová 933   www.lac.cz
667 01 Židlochovice    
Czech republic       NANO IRON, s.r.o.

ID: 08209839
VAT: CZ08209839

email: info@lacnano.com
tel: +420 734 892 252



Our production plant in Židlochovice


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