OzonPro Destructor

Proper use of the destructor significantly reduces health risks (inhalation of higher concentrations of O3) after disinfection of the premises with ozone.

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Equipment for rapid decomposition of ozone


Ozone and its functions

Ozone has strong oxidizing, antibacterial and antiviral effects, making it so far used mainly for water treatment. Recently, its use has also expanded to disinfect surfaces and rooms, where it is artificially created in relatively high concentrations using so-called ozone generators. Ozone is also produced in low concentrations in copiers, laser printers and other electrical devices. The presence of ozone in the upper atmosphere is beneficial (protection against UV radiation), but in the lower atmosphere its presence is undesirable (toxicity, greenhouse effect) and its uncontrolled release can have negative consequences.

The disadvantage of ozone is the mentioned toxicity to living organisms, for this reason ozone generators must be used in closed rooms without the presence of humans and living organisms (other than those we want to kill). After the end of the "ozonation", it is thus possible to enter the room only when the ozone concentration drops to a safe level. The spontaneous decomposition of ozone depends on the type and power of the generator used, the operating time, the size of the room, the filling with furniture, the degree of pollution, the temperature, etc. - the decrease to a safe concentration can take several hours.


To accelerate the decomposition of ozone, we offer a unique device that is able to decompose ozone back into oxygen. Compared to other methods, no harmful intermediates are formed in our plant during ozone decomposition and the overall decomposition efficiency is significantly higher.


The biggest advantages of using the OzonPro Destructor

1. Proper use of the destructor significantly reduces health risks (inhalation of higher concentrations of O3) after disinfection of the premises with ozone.

2. Significant reduction of the time to enter the room after the end of ozone treatment.

3. Multiple rooms can be disinfected at the same time, as the process of "ozonation" and subsequent ozone decomposition is reduced by half.


 OzonPro Destructor



The OzonPro Destructor is mainly used in the following two ways:

1. Rapid decomposition of ozone in the room after previous "ozonation".

2. Active protection against the effects of ozone (the device blows clean air, eg a computer in the room and thus prevents the access of ozone and subsequent corrosion of sensitive components).


OzonPro Destructor bocni pohled





  • Compact design
  • All-stainless steel design
  • Easily portable thanks to the upper folding handle
  • Low weight
  • 36 months warranty

OzonPro Destructo přední pohled





  • Simple control
  • Delayed start timer 0 - 120 min
  • Traffic signaling
  • On / off switch
  • Package components: destructor, detailed instructions, power cable (230 V)





OzonPro Destructor 

Technical parameters

 Weight:   4 kg
 Dimensions:   255×250×270 mm (wxhxd)
 Voltage:   230 V AC
 Certification:   CE
 Filter life:  



 Working humidity:   0-90 %
 Operating temperature:   5-35 °C
 Noise:   44 dB(A) 3 m


* The service life of the filter on which ozone decomposes in our equipment is theoretically unlimited, but its efficiency can be negatively affected by dust and also contact with nitrogen oxides (so-called NOx), which can be produced by some types of ozone generators.






Retail price of the device 995 EUR (without VAT).

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The graph below shows the measured rate of ozone decomposition in an exemplary closed small room without and using the OzonPro Destructor. The measurement is performed in a room of 3 m x 5 m. As can be seen in the graph, the time required to convert ozone back to oxygen is almost one third.

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After using the ozone generator, we recommend ventilating the room properly (even when using our equipment, which significantly speeds up the possibility of entering the room) due to the removal of products formed during ozonation (ozone reaction with the surfaces of objects in the room).



Operating instructions

Plug in the appliance, turn on the main power switch and set the timer to the same value as your ozone generator. After the set time has elapsed, the Destructor fan will turn on and the device will start to decompose ozone in the room, the maximum running time of the device is set to 2 hours, but the device can be switched off with the main switch earlier if necessary.

Detailed instructions are included.


Example of use:
We set the ozone generator for the given room on time according to the manufacturer's recommendations. We set the ozone destructor to the same or slightly higher time (so that it turns on only after the generator is turned off and we do not reduce its effect). We start both devices at the same time. After the set time has elapsed, the ozone generator is switched off and the Destructor is switched on, which accelerates the decomposition of ozone in the room.



Our company also offers an ozone detector (concentration meter) KP 820.
If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.



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