OzonPro 20000

The OzonPro 20000 ozone generator is the most powerful model; it generates 20 grams of ozone per hour and is suitable for large rooms such as shops, canteens, school classrooms, restaurants, health farms and other large public premises. You can set the timer within the range from 0 to 120 minutes which is sufficient time for the areas from 30 to 600 m2.

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OzonPro ozone generator – efficient protection against viruses

The OzonPro ozone generator utilizes a high-voltage discharge for producing ozone, i.e. transforming atmospheric oxygen O2 to gaseousmade_in_czech_republic ozone O3. An integrated fan simultaneously disperses the generated gas in the places of application. Ozone fills the closed space completely and penetrates into all gaps and pores in various materials where it sterilizes and disinfects with its strong oxidizing effect. Then it is decomposed spontaneously to oxygen O2 again. Ozone exterminates almost all known bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses (effect of ozone is about 50 times stronger and 3,000 times faster than the effect of chlorine – oxidation leads to the destruction of the cell walls of micro-organisms. As opposed to traditional disinfection agents, ozone does not leave any harmful or toxic residues. The strong deodorizing effect then causes the destruction of smelly substances and thus also a reduction of odour. Ozone as a gas can also be utilized successfully for the elimination of the causes leading to the formation of harmful moulds, allergens and various species of insect.



The OzonPro ozone generator is an ideal economical solution for an application like this. With its compact size (w×h×d) 255×250×270 mm and weight of 3.9 kg, it represents a mobile device which is predetermined for the widest range of households and professional applications.


Key features:

  • It utilizes high-voltage discharge for ozone production
  • It is fitted with a timer with selectable ozone production time
  • It has a compact size and simple control and installation
  • It is made from stainless steel
  • 36-month guarantee
  • A Czech product with the certainty of immediately available consultancy and service
  • CE certificate


Technical parameters:


Power supply:    Electricity   Adjustable timer: 120 minutes of operation
Installation: mobile   Operating temperature: 2 °C to 40 °C
Certification: CE   Weight:              3,9 kg
Voltage: 230 V AC  

Dimensions (w×h×d):         

255×250×270 (with retracted handle)
Power input: 140 W   Noise:   60 dB
Fan output: 2,8 m3/min       Discharge chamber service life: min. 5000 h



Production process:  Electric discharge
Developed gas quantity: 20 g/h
Recommended room capacity: 30 m3 - 600 m3



Time required for ozone treatment

  Room capacity
Product Car/Truck 30 m3 60 m3 80 m3 150 m3 200 m3 300 m3
 OzonPro 5000  15 min  80 min   120 min   120 min   --- --- ---
 OzonPro 10000  10 min   60 min   80 min 100 min 120 min  120 min ---
 OzonPro 20000 ---  40 min   60 min  80 min   100 min  120 min 120 min
 OzonPro   5000/12V  15 min for a car and a truck cabin


Package contents:

  • 1× OzonPro ozone generator 20000
  • 1× power supply cable (230 V)
  • 1× Instruction Manual (for ozone treatment of rooms and vehicles)
  • 1× warning plate to be attached to the door: “Do not enter, ozone treatment in process”


Caution with respect to safe use of the ozone generator:

The ozone generator is designed for repeated treatment of rooms and may not be used while any persons, animals and plants are present in the room!

The time required for application as well as the time necessary for ozone reaction and decomposition back to oxygen is specified in the detailed instruction manual. A typical application time is 5 to 30 minutes.

Never use the ozone generator in an excessively humid interior (e.g. after cleaning the car using a wet method); excessive atmospheric humidity could be a source of corrosion of the ozone generator discharging plate with resulting shortened service life of the generator.

This type of generator is not intended for ozone treatment of water; it is designed only for air.