Ozone generators

The OzonPro generator product series brings a device on the market which offers a wide range of uses, especially in the daily care of a healthy environment as the ozone exterminates bacteria and viruses including coronaviruses. You can use the OzonPro ozone generator for disinfecting any space in your house, office or vehicle, and it represents the best choice for hygienic care of frequently visited places and premises. Ozone treatment ensures that everyone feels completely clean in your premises. As opposed to traditional disinfection agents, ozone does not leave any harmful or toxic residues. In addition, ozone is environmentally friendly – it does not generate any waste substances and is economical – it saves the costs for common disinfection agents and their application.

OzonPro is a top quality ozone generator manufactured in the Czech Republic by LAC. The company has been engaged in producing special technologies for many industry sectors for almost 30 years. You will support an EU product, EU employees and complete EU economy by purchasing our ozone generator. Our ozone generators do not need to travel to you across a half of the globe and their price is not increased by a margin of agents as well as forwarders which is frequently reflected in a lower quality of products. They are manufactured in ethical conditions, you are not exposed to the risk that they are produced in the third world countries. Moreover, you can be sure that you will receive a high quality product including a guarantee (for 36 months) and after-guarantee service.

The types of the manufactured generators:

 Type OzonPro 5000 OzonPro 10000 OzonPro 20000 OzonPro 5000/12V
 Developed gas quantity 5 g/h 10 g/h 20 g/h 5 g/h
 Recommended room size 0 - 80 m3 0 - 200 m3 30 - 600 m3 0 - 2 m3
 Dimensions (w×h×d) [mm] 255x250x270 255x250x270 255x250x270 255x250x270
 Voltage  230V AC 230V AC 230V AC 12V DC
 Power input 60 W 110 W 140 W 44 W
celkovy 230V 2 5000

The OzonPro 5000 model is suitable for flats, consulting rooms of physicians and veterinary surgeons, smaller premises for providing services (massages, manicures, hairdresser’s...

celkovy 230V 2 10000

The OzonPro 10000 ozone generator is suitable for offices, smaller shops, hotels, retirement homes, nursing homes, hairdresser’s and other rooms with an area from 0 to 200 m2....

celkovy 230V 2 20000

The OzonPro 20000 ozone generator is the most powerful model; it generates 20 grams of ozone per hour and is suitable for large rooms such as shops, canteens, school classrooms,...

celni 12V

OzonPro 5000/12V generator is designed for cars and trucks, mobile homes, caravans, houseboats and other spacers with a 12V outlet. It generates 5 grams of ozone per hour and is...

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Proper use of the destructor significantly reduces health risks (inhalation of higher concentrations of O3) after disinfection of the premises with ozone.

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