Magnofer Si

Magnofer Si


MAGNOFER Si contains magnetic nanoparticles (20-40 nm) self-assembled into clusters (1-2 µm) having an excellent response to the external magnetic field and coated with a silicon dioxide (SiO2) layer. Silica is able to bind nucleic acids, MAGNOFER Si therefore serve as an efficient tool for plasmid DNA purification.



EDS Layered Image

  • RNA purification for qPCR analysis
  • PCR product clean-up
  • DNA isolation in research applications


  • Particle size: 20-40 nm assembled into 1-2 µm clusters
  • Chemical composition of particles: γ-Fe2O3/SiO2
  • Particle concentration: 40 mg/ml
  • Particles suspended in purified water with 0,05 % of sodium azide

Storage and shelf life:

Store at 2-8 °C in well closed vial, do not freeze! Product is stable for 1 year under proper storage
conditions, but no longer than the expiry date on the label. 

Product use:

Homogenize properly before use!



Electron image


 O. K series





RTG powder diffraction analysis confirming the presence of γ-Fe2O3







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